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relations director of Athens-based Sino-Hellenic Culture Promotion Company, told Xinhua that▓ she was impressed by Xi's emphasis on what Greek and Ch▓inese civilizations have in common."Undoub

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tedly, these are two countries wit▓h enormous cultural richness. The two countries meet in the middle of the Silk Road and join forces," said Atlamazoglou.In the eyes of Pavlopoulos, the

ancient splendid and great civilizations of ▓Greece and China have linked the two peoples closely.He thanked Xi on behalf of the Gree▓k people for understanding and respecting the Greek civiliza


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tion and for seeing Greece as a bridge between Eastern and Western civilizations.Vasilis Trigkas, a Greek re

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  • IONSAccompanied by Pavlopoulos and
  • his wife, Xi and his wife, Pe
  • ng Liyuan, visited the Acropolis Mus

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s on Tuesday morning.

The couples listened attentive

search fellow with the Belt and Road Strategy Institute of T▓singhua University, told Xinhua that the two countries' joint efforts to

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  • ek civilization.He said he felt the
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